General Questions

  • How do I sell a gift card?

  • What is the difference between physical cards, eGift cards and vouchers?

  • What gift cards do you accept?

  • What fees are associated with selling gift cards?

  • Why do I need a credit card to verify my seller account?

  • How does Raise hold sellers accountable?

Listing a Card

  • How can I list my physical gift card as an eGift card?

  • What's the recommended selling price?

  • Can I adjust the price after it's been set?

  • When will my card be listed for sale?

  • Why am I being asked to verify my listings?

    Here at Raise, we take the quality of incoming listings very seriously. If we see high-value listings or a high quantity of listings, we may reach out for additional information via email. This is done to ensure the quality of cards on the marketplace, and responding directly to any emails sent about verification is the best way to speed up the verification process.

    If you will need to verify your listings you will be contacted by the Marketplace Health team within 1 business day of your gift card submission.


  • How do I ship my gift card to the buyer?

  • Do I need to ship a gift card if it can be sold as an electronic gift card or voucher?

Getting Paid

  • How do I get paid for selling a gift card?

  • Why am I being asked for additional information regarding my seller payouts?

  • Will I receive a 1099 for selling on Raise?

ACH Direct Deposit

  • Why am I being asked to re-enter my ACH Direct Deposit information?

  • Why is my social security number needed to request payment via ACH Direct Deposit?

  • How can I remove or update my ACH Direct Deposit information?


  • Why am I getting an error message when adding my Paypal?

  • What is a “Verified” Paypal account?

  • How can I remove or update my Paypal information?


  • Why is there a $30 fee for physical checks?

  • Can I change the address my check is mailed to?

  • Can I change the name my check is addressed to?

    No, not if your check payment has already been issued or requested. However, if you have not requested a withdrawal via check, you can!

    Please follow this link to add a new credit or debit card for account verification (the name and address the check is sent to are pulled from this card). Once you have added a credit or debit card with the correct name and address, contact Member Services to have the old card verification deleted.


  • What should I do if I haven't received my check?

Seller Protection

  • How does Raise protect me, as the Seller?

  • What if I was debited for a valid card?

    If you have received a notification from Raise saying that you were debited for a gift card you sold, and you believe that debit is incorrect, please contact our Raise Member Services team and request a Seller Debit Reversal. You will receive a debit on your Raise account when a gift card you sold does not meet the standards set by our 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee. Reasons to be debited include the buyer receiving a gift card which is no longer active or has an incorrect balance. Or if the buyer does not receive their gift card or it is a different brand than ordered.

    When you request a Seller Debit Reversal, the Member Services agent will submit a ticket to our Gift Card Support Team to investigate the gift card in question. If you are found liable for the gift card in question you will be responsible for the debit on your account. Please reach out to Raise Member Services with any additional questions, or to submit a Seller Debit Reversal.

  • How do I resolve a negative balance?