How to Sell

  • How do I sell a gift card?

    Selling a gift card with Raise on our website is easy! All you have to do is enter the brand name, serial number and PIN (if applicable). Then, check the card’s balance and choose a selling price, which you can adjust at any time up until the card sells. To seal the deal, you’ll need to verify your account with a major credit card and we’ll double-check your gift card before it’s listed for sale. Please keep in mind that if the gift card you're selling will be listed as physical, you will need to download and print the shipping label provided by Raise.

    At this time, selling is not currently supported in our mobile apps for iOS and Android. But you can still visit from your mobile web browser to list a card from there!

    Raise currently accepts gift cards from more than 3,000 different brands! Since each brand has unique redemption rules and restrictions, we may need to place your listing in review.

    For more information on why your particular listing may be placed into review, please feel free to contact us.

  • What is the difference between physical cards, eGift cards and vouchers?

    Gift cards on Raise can be purchased and sold in three different forms: Physical, eGift and voucher.

    Physical Cards: These are just like the standard gift card you've come to know and love over the years. Physical cards are shipped to the buyer via USPS and can only be redeemed in store.

    eGift Cards: eGift cards are digital cards that can only be redeemed online. These are delivered electronically to your Raise account, or to your Raise app.

    Vouchers: Vouchers are a convenient alternative to physical gift cards. They are delivered electronically to your Raise account, or to the Raise app, just like eGift cards. But, they can only be redeemed in store.

    Some brands allow for mixing and matching the different types of cards. If you see a brand identified as an eGift card and a voucher, that means the card will be delivered electronically and can be used both online and in store.

  • What gift cards do you accept?

    We accept gift cards and store credits from most brands, retailers and restaurants. All physical gift cards must have a minimum balance of $10, eGift cards a minimum of $5, and all gift card balances must be under $2,000. Other than that, they can be new or partially used.

  • What fees are associated with selling gift cards?

    It's free to list your gift cards. However, once the cards sell we take a 12% commission from the selling price. If you sell in bulk this commission might be lower. Then, if you're selling a physical card we charge the greater of $1.00 or 1% of the value of the card for shipping.

  • How does Raise hold sellers accountable?

    All sellers are responsible for the full value of the cards they list for sale on our marketplace. If you misplace, use or sell your cards somewhere else, you'll need to remove them from your listings. Otherwise, you'll be liable for the full value plus any associated fees. When a card has sold and does not meet the standards set by the 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee, we will refund our buyer and debit the seller accordingly. 

Listing a Card

  • How can I list my physical gift card as an eGift card?

    When you list a physical gift card for sale, we determine if it can be converted to an eGift card. If electronic delivery is possible, we will automatically list and deliver your card as an eGift. This is the digital era, after all.

  • Can I sell store credit?

    Yes! In addition to traditional gift cards, members can sell store and merchandise credits.

  • What's the recommended selling price?

    The beauty of Raise is you have complete control over what you sell your gift cards for. For guidance on selling price, there's a tool on our listing form that gives you suggestions based on the brand and the current market.

  • Can I adjust the price after it's been set?

    Yes! You can adjust the price whenever you want before the card is purchased. But once it's sold the price is locked.

  • How can I sell a gift card that's never been sold on your site before?

    It's super easy, but you do have to do this from our website instead of the Raise app. Click Sell Gift Cards at the top left of our homepage. Then enter the brand name and card info like the balance, serial number, PIN (if it has one) and submit your card. Once we approve the brand and card, all you have to do is wait for it to sell.

  • When will my card be listed for sale?

    Once you submit your gift card through our listing form, it goes through a verification process. Most cards are verified, approved and appear on the marketplace for sale within a couple hours of the original listing time. If we have received a higher influx of cards than usual, it could take longer for your card to be listed.

  • How can I check a balance on a gift card?

    We provide the phone number or link to check the balance of any gift card sold on Raise. You can easily find this information on our Gift Card Balance Check page.

    Did you know? When you store your gift cards in the Raise app, you can manually edit the balance of your gift card each time you use it? Simply tap on the card that you'd like to update and select "Edit" next to the card balance. Then enter either how much of the card you spent, or the value you know is left on it. And that's it! 

  • Where can I enter my sell promo code?

    You can enter your promo code while listing a gift card. Simply log in and go to the Sell Gift Cards page. Search for the brand you'd like to sell. When you're entering your gift card's serial number and PIN, be sure to check the box that says "I have a Raise promotional code" at the bottom of the page so you can enter your code. Currently sell promo codes can only be redeemed online, not on the app.


  • How do I ship my gift card to the buyer?

    Once your card sells, you have three business days to ship it to the buyer. All you have to do is download and print the prepaid shipping label provided in your online Raise account. Just follow the instructions on the label and you're done. No additional postage necessary!

  • Do I need to ship a gift card if it can be sold as an electronic gift card or voucher?

    No, if you sold a card as a voucher or eGift you don't need to ship anything! However, we do ask that you hold onto your physical card for 180 days so it's readily available in the case we need to reference the original card.

Getting Paid

  • How do I get paid for selling a gift card?

    Once your gift card has sold, you will receive an email when your funds are available for withdrawal. Congrats on your raise! To get paid, log in and go to the Available Funds section of your account. From there, all you have to do is choose the amount you want to take out. This can be everything you've earned or just part of it.

  • What are my payout options?

    We currently have three payout options: Direct Deposit, check and PayPal.

    Direct Deposit: We deposit your earnings directly into your bank account. This is the only payout option available on the Raise app.

    Check: We mail a check to the billing address in your seller account. Checks can take up to 14 days for delivery.

    PayPal: You can request your funds via PayPal. It can take up to three business days for the money to appear in your PayPal account.

  • Can I change the address my check is mailed to?

    No, not if your check payment has already been issued. However, if your check hasn't been issued, or you'd like to change it before requesting a withdrawal, you can! We will need to confirm your new mailing address beforehand, so contact Raise Member Services and provide a copy of your ID with your new address, or a piece of mail with your new address, and you'll be good to go.

  • What should I do if I haven't received my check?

    If you haven't received your check within 45 days after withdrawing funds, please contact Raise Member Services.

  • Why am I being asked for additional information regarding my seller payouts?

    If you are planning to earn more than $2,500 in gift card sales(lifetime), per our company policy, you may be required to provide further information to our Raise Marketplace Health team. This may be, but is not limited to, a state ID, W9, or an ACH Direct Deposit account. This information is required to ensure all payouts are tax compliant. If you earn more than $20,000 in a calendar year and sell 200 or more gift cards, you will be sent a 1099 from Raise. Any sellers who earn less than $20,000 per calendar year will not receive any additional forms from Raise. If you are unsure of your gross sales, or need additional information, please reach out to Raise Member Services.

  • Will I receive a 1099 for selling on Raise?

    Sellers will receive a 1099 from Raise if their payout total for the calendar year exceeds $20,000 AND the total number of cards sold is 200 or greater. If you are unsure if you meet this threshold, or need additional information, please reach out to Raise Member Services.

  • Why is my social security number needed to request payment via ACH Direct Deposit?

    Currently, when entering your ACH Direct Deposit information, your social security number must be entered as well. Our payment processor requires that you provide that information so it can electronically verify your account. It is important that this information is correct in the case that you sell more than $20,000 and 200+ cards in a calendar year, because you will receive a 1099 from Raise. Once you’ve reached a certain selling threshold ($2,500 lifetime) you will be required to provide either your Direct Deposit information or a completed W9 and ID.

  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ACH Verification

    If you received an email stating that you need to update your payout preferences by filling out the ACH form, please complete this by Thursday, June 7th.

    Why am I being asked to enter this information?
    Due to changes made by our payment processor, you will need to update or verify your payout information in order to continue being paid via direct deposit.

    The gift card I listed has been approved. Does that mean my ACH has also been approved?
    No, in order to be paid out for your gift card once it sells, you will need to submit your ACH information.

    Why do you need my social security number?
    While we are only required to report payouts over a certain amount to the IRS, we do ask this information of each seller paid via direct deposit as it is part of our system’s electronic verification process. 

    I still see the banner asking me to enter my ACH information after I submitted it.
    The banner will disappear once the form has been successfully submitted. If you are still seeing it, please contact us and we’d be happy to assist.

Seller Protection

  • What is a Card ID?

    A Card ID is a unique reference number that corresponds to a specific gift card on our marketplace. Every Card ID starts with the letter 'Z' and is followed by 12 numbers. Give us this number if you need to contact Raise Member Services about an order or listing. It makes it easier for us to locate your information, so we can help you more quickly.

  • What should I do if I received a charge on my credit card I didn't authorize?

    If you've received an unauthorized charge on your credit card, please call Raise Member Services at (888) 578-8422.

  • Why was my account debited?

    When cards you've sold don't meet the standards set by our 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee, we will debit your seller account in order to refund our buyer. Sellers are only debited once we have determined the buyer was unable to use their gift card because they were not active, the balance was inaccurate, they received a different brand than ordered, or the card was not received within 30 days from the date of purchase.

  • Why am I being asked to verify my listings?

    Here at Raise we take the quality of incoming listings very seriously. If we see high value listings or a high quantity of listings, we may reach out for additional information via email. This is done to ensure the quality of cards on the marketplace, and responding directly to any emails sent about verification is the best way to speed up the verification process.

  • Why do I need a credit card to verify my seller account?

    Per our Terms of Use, a valid and current credit card is required to be on file with your member account. As a seller, by adding your credit card and agreeing to our Terms of Use, you consent to being financially liable for your gift card for one year past the point of sale. Please note, prepaid cards or debit cards will not be accepted to verify your Raise account.

  • How does Raise protect me, as the Seller?

    Security is our top priority here at Raise, and we strive to not only protect our buyers but also our sellers. Per our 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee, as a seller, you are financially liable for your sold gift cards for up to one year past the point of sale. If you believe you were debited incorrectly, please feel free to reach out to Raise Member Services to submit a Seller Debit Reversal request. When you request a Seller Debit Reversal, the Member Services agent will submit a ticket to our Gift Card Support Team to investigate the gift card in question. If the gift card was used by the buyer, then we will be able to reverse the debit and make sure you are properly paid out. Please reach out to Raise Member Services with any additional questions, or to submit a Seller Debit Reversal.

  • What if I was debited for a valid card?

    If you have received a notification from Raise saying that you were debited for a gift card you sold, and you believe that debit is incorrect, please contact our Raise Member Services team and request a Seller Debit Reversal. When you request a Seller Debit Reversal, the Member Services agent will submit a ticket to our Gift Card Support Team to investigate the gift card in question. If the gift card was used by the buyer, then we will be able to reverse the debit and make sure you are properly paid out. Please reach out to Raise Member Services with any additional questions, or to submit a Seller Debit Reversal.