Affiliate Program

  • Do you offer an affiliate program?

    Yes, we sure do. When you promote Raise on your website through our affiliate program, you become a resource for savings. You can also earn money for cards bought and sold through the program. It's free to join, so give us a shout at today.

Bulk Sellers

  • How do I join the Bulk Seller Program?

    Follow this link to visit the Bulk Seller page and click “Request Information.” After you “Request Information” a member of the Marketplace Health team will reach out to you with additional information regarding the Bulk Seller Program. Please note, to join the Bulk Seller program you have to be able to present a valid state ID or driver's license and a credit or debit card. 

  • How do I send files that are sensitive in nature to Raise?

    Bulk Sellers can use the Raise Vault to upload all documents that contain sensitive information. This includes items such as gift card images, tax documents, business licenses, driver's licenses and receipts. Please follow these steps to access the Raise Vault:

    Log into your Raise Account > My Account > Settings > Click on Upload (this tab is located on the far right side) > Be sure to include a note with instructions for your Account Management Team. 

  • Will I be able to sell “restricted brands” as a Bulk Seller?

    Once you become a Bulk Seller, based off your Bulk Seller performance, you may be allowed to list restricted brands. Please reach out to your Account Manager to see if you are eligible to list certain restricted brands.

  • How can I update my ACH Direct Deposit information? (Bulk Sellers Only)

    To edit your ACH Direct Deposit information, please upload an image of a voided check which includes your new account and routing number. You can upload this image by going to > My Account > Settings > Upload. Once that image is uploaded, send your Account Manager an email requesting for that information to be updated and it will be taken care of within one business day. 

  • Can I reprice my listings in bulk?

    Yes, you can! Go to > My Accounts > My Listings. On the My Listings page you will be able to filter your listings status by clicking either “View: All” or “Advanced” and filtering by brand, date, and listing status. From here, please filter the cards you would like to edit in bulk. Click the check box in the top left corner to select all listings.

    On the first listing, edit the price or selling percentage. This change will be reflected on all of the selected listings.

    Always double check your work before clicking Save Changes. Once saved, the changes are live on the marketplace.


  • How do I list my cards? (Bulk Sellers Only)

    Use the Bulk Listing Tool by going to > My Accounts > My Listings > Bulk Listing Form. Please note, to make sure you are getting the best experience and the correct rates, only use the Bulk Listing Form to list your gift cards.

Brand Partnerships

  • Can I sell my store's gift cards on Raise?

    Yes, you can! Just email and we'll help you get set up.