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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does buying discount gift cards work?

    Buying discount gift cards is a rather simple concept with big results. Sellers list the cards they don’t want at discounted prices and our members buy them to spend on everyday purchases big and small. All of these savings add up fast, so you can make your money worth more in every facet of your life.

  • Can I send a gift card purchased through Raise as a gift?

    Yes, with Raise Pay! Raise Pay can be accessed via the mobile application or the Raise website. When you navigate to Raise Pay, you will see a toggle with the options “For Me” or “Send as a Gift.” Switch the toggle to highlight “Send as a Gift,” select a gift card, and click “Buy Now.” On the next page you will be prompted to enter the recipient's name, email and a short message. Please double check the email you are entering, because once we send the email we can't take it back! From there, confirm your payment information and click “Buy.” Your gift recipient will receive an email from Raise with further instructions on how to access their new gift card.

  • Are there fees for buying gift cards?

    No, there are no fees. We don't charge sales tax, shipping costs or processing. The price you see is what you pay.

  • What is the difference between physical cards, eGift cards and vouchers?

    Gift cards on Raise can be purchased and sold in three different forms: Physical, eGift and voucher.

    Physical Cards: These are just like the standard gift card you’ve come to know and love over the years. Physical cards are shipped to the buyer via USPS and can only be redeemed in store. 

    eGift Cards: eGift cards are digital cards that can only be redeemed online. These are delivered electronically to your Raise account, or to the Raise app.

    Vouchers: Vouchers are a convenient alternative to physical gift cards. They are delivered electronically to your Raise account, or to your Raise app, just like eGift cards. But, they can only be redeemed in store.

    Some brands allow for mixing and matching the different types of cards. If you see a brand identified as an eGift card and a voucher, that means the card will be delivered electronically and can be used both online and in store.

  • How can I check a balance on a gift card?

    We provide the phone number or link to check the balance of any gift card sold on Raise. You can easily find this information on our Gift Card Balance Check page.

    Did you know? When you store your gift cards in the Raise app, you can manually edit the balance of your gift card each time you use it? Simply tap on the card that you'd like to update and select "Edit" next to the card balance. Then enter either how much of the card you spent, or the value you know is left on it. And that's it! 

  • Why isn't my gift card working?

    Please make sure you've entered your gift card information correctly, and double check the redemption details to ensure the card can be redeemed in the way you're attempting.

    If you still cannot redeem your gift card, or if there is an issue with the balance, please contact us. In the event the gift card is invalid, please contact Raise Member Services within a year of your purchase. We'll be happy to straighten things out for you right away.

  • I received a gift card as a gift through Raise, but I don't have a Raise account. Can I still access my gift?

    Yes, if you access your gift card within the first 30 days of it being delivered, you do not need to create an account. Within the email sent from Raise, simply click “Access Your Gift.” This will take you to a landing page on Raise where you will be able to print your card details. After 30 days have passed from the date that the gift was originally delivered, you will be prompted to create an account to access your gift card.

  • Why is money missing from my gift card?

    If you're missing money from your gift card or having any difficulty redeeming the card, please contact our Member Services team. Our 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee covers any card with an inaccurate balance for the first year after after purchase. We'll be happy to straighten things out for you right away.

  • What is the 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee?

    All orders on our marketplace are backed by our 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee. In the event a gift card cannot be redeemed as indicated, we will refund the purchase price of the card, not any discount or savings the buyer received. Please visit our guarantee page for a full list of what's covered under this policy.

  • Can I send a gift card to someone who does not use Raise?

    Yes, you can. When you click “Send as a Gift” and press “Buy Now” you will be prompted to enter your gift recipient’s name, email address, and a short message. Once you complete your purchase, Raise will send an email to the gift recipient which will take them back to the Raise website where they can view their gift card details without creating an account. After 30 days have passed from the date that the gift was originally delivered, your recipient will be prompted to create an account to access their gift card.

  • What should I do if I received a charge on my credit card I didn't authorize?

    If you've received an unauthorized charge on your credit card, please call Raise Member Services at (888) 578-8422.

  • Why do I have to verify my order?

    Raise sells prepaid currency so we operate very much like a bank in order to protect you. The verification process helps us confirm if the form of payment presented is from the person placing orders on Raise.

  • Why can't I create a Raise account?

    There are two main reasons why you might not be able to create a Raise account.

    First, if you're located outside of the United States you unfortunately cannot create an account at this time.

    Another reason you may have difficulty creating an account is if someone in your household is using the same information for their account. At this time we only allow one Raise account per household.

    If neither of these two reasons are the case, please contact Raise Member Services so we can assist you further.

  • How can I track the shipment of my physical card?

    Tracking your physical gift card in the mail is a breeze. Just log in and go to "My Account". Select My Orders and find the one containing the gift card you want to track. Once you've located your order, click on "View Order Details" below the order total. You'll find your card's tracking information at the bottom of this page. You can click the internal tracking number to see the most up to date details.

    If your tracking number begins with 000, click it to receive the most recent tracking info for that shipment. Although you won't be able to search this tracking number on the USPS site, the most updated information will always be available here in your Raise account. Keep in mind tracking info can take up to 24 hours to update.

    If your tracking number begins with 94, simply copy and paste it into Google's search bar to get specific tracking info for your gift card.

  • Why can’t I cancel my order?

    Raise is a member to member marketplace. When one member purchases a gift card they are purchasing it from another member and not from Raise itself. Therefore, per our refund policy, Raise is unable to cancel an order after it has already been processed. We can, however, help you relist the gift card for sale if you inadvertently purchased it or realize you do not need it at some point in the future.

  • How do I get paid for selling a gift card?

    Once your gift card has sold, you will receive an email when your funds are available for withdrawal. Congrats on your raise! To get paid, log in and go to the Available Funds section of your account. From there, all you have to do is choose the amount you want to take out. This can be everything you've earned or just part of it.